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2017 Christmas Prices
Topside of Beef   £5.64/lb  £12.40/kg

Fillet of Beef  £22.23/lb    £46.50/kg

Rib of Beef  £8.00/lb    £17.60/kg

Rolled Sirloin £13.16/lb    £28.95/kg

Traditional Gammon  £4.52/lb   £9.95/kg

Smoked Gammon   £4.98/lb    £10.95/kg

Turkey Breast Roast  £4.95/lb   £10.90/kg

Free Range Local Norfolk Bronze  £5.30/lb    £11.66/kg

Free Range Local White Turkey £5.00/lb   £11.00/kg

Free Range Goose  £7.25/lb    £15.95/kg

Free Range Frozen Goose £5.43/lb    £11.95/kg

Free Range Duck   £4.31/lb   £9.49/kg

Free Range Chicken  £3.52/lb    £7.75/kg

Leg of Lamb    £5.89/lb    £12.95/kg

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