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We provide a huge range of products including home-grown fruit and vegetables, eggs, cheese, bread, alcohol, cookies, freezer staples and preserves.

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We are proud that over 70% of our suppliers are local to us and many of our producers are within a 40 mile radius. We love supporting local businesses and communities to build great relationships, keep our carbon footprint low and provide our customers with high-quality produce.

We love this place. The food is excellent, the staff are attentive and the move to low plastic packaging is an added bonus which will only make us use Westlands even more!


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Our home-grown strawberries and raspberries are available for nine months of the year.

Our fruit is sold in our farm shop and we also supply it to other local businesses.

To compliment our strawberries and raspberries you will find a wide range of fresh fruit sourced as locally and seasonally as possible.

Westlands Farm Shop stocks home grown fruit.
Westlands sell seasonable vegetables.


Here at Westlands we stock both fresh, seasonal vegetables and time-saving, frozen vegetable mixes.

We have a great range of loose fresh veg, as we focus on reducing plastic and needless packaging.

Our range of FieldFare produce provides a whole wealth of loose frozen vegetables and so you can pick up as much as you like using a reusable container.


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Our deli counter is home to a large range of high quality, fantastic cheeses for you to enjoy. Our free-range eggs are produced extremely locally by Claytons Eggs in Romsey, Hampshire.

Westlands Farm Shop sell dairy including eggs, milk and cheese.
Westlands freshly baked bread from the bakery.


We bake fresh bread every morning.

Our in-store bakery provides you with a whole selection of freshly baked loaves of bread, crusty rolls, and pasties.

We also stock a large range of bread & cakes from our fantastic local bakery.


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We have a fantastic selection of locally sourced wines, spirits, ales and ciders.

As so much of our alcohol range is sourced from local suppliers we can easily replace stock. There is never a dry weekend at Westlands Farm Shop! Our knowledgeable team members will help you pair the perfect wine with your meal or pick the perfect spirit to celebrate any occasion.

Shelves of alcohol at Westlands Farm Shop.
Gravity fill dispensers at Westlands Farm Shop.

Gravity Fill dispensers

Reducing plastic and packaging is at the heart of Westlands so we encourage customers to use our gravity fill dispensers.

You can fill up from a huge selection of dried goods such as oats, grains, cereals, nuts and pasta. We are really proud of our ethical credentials and love helping customers to play their part in protecting the environment too. Bring your own container or use one of our paper bags


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We stock a great range of refillable and environmentally friendly household cleaning products.

Our eco-friendly and vegan range of FILL allows you to refill with rinse aid, washing up liquid, laundry powder, fabric conditioner, shampoo, conditioner and hand soap. You can use our FILL bottles which are provided in the shop or bring your own reusable container.

A selection of cleaning products available at Westlands Farm Shop.
A photo of Westlands Farm Shop butchery.


Our butchery counter provides you with a huge selection of meat to choose from.

Find out how our team of expert butchers will select and prepare the finest cuts of meat.

Our butchers will recommend the perfect option for your meal, provide you with precise cooking times and top tips.


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