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We are a family run farm shop in the heart of the Meon Valley, situated on the outskirts of Wickham.

Westlands Farm has been passed on through two generations and we have many years experience with rearing cattle, growing home-grown fresh produce and building relationships with local businesses. We take pride in farming sustainably and looking after our local environment and wildlife.

We love this place. The food is excellent, the staff are attentive and the move to low plastic packaging is an added bonus which will only make us use Westlands even more!


Decorative branch.

We farm sustainably and with the highest welfare standards.

We rear a mixture of Hereford and Aberdeen Angus Cattle which are native to the British Isles and known for their fantastic meat quality.

Our cattle are free range and grass fed. They graze the fields in the summer months and are fed grass silage during the winter when they are housed in barns.

Free range cows at Westlands Farm.
Raspberries at Westlands Farm.


We grow raspberries, strawberries, and a selection of other fruit and vegetables.

During the summer months we produce over 18 tonnes of soft fruit and use an outdoor reservoir to store winter rainwater which is used to water our raspberries and strawberries.

In June we start to plant our pumpkins so they are ready for the Autumn and Halloween.


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