We’ve celebrated the importance of local supply chains and encouraged customers to support other independent businesses where they can to help them flourish, boost employment rates and reduce carbon footprint. 

During 2022 hundreds of independent businesses in the Meon Valley reinvested revenue into the local community to generate a thriving economy. 

We have estimated that 50 per cent of our revenue is reinvested into local supply chains every year, paying for wages, supplies of local products, and services which in turn supports other local businesses. 

Our farm shop owner Kayleigh Collett said local supply chains are the beating heart of all communities. 

She added: “Buying from independent businesses and supporting local supply chains is hugely important because a large proportion of the money generated from sales is reinvested into sourcing supplies, products from other independent businesses, and paying for people’s wages.

“When a supplier puts their price up we know it’s because they need to to meet their own rising costs. By paying a fair price we are supporting them to continue to make their products for many years to come, unlike the supermarkets who would rather let the shelves run empty rather than pay suppliers a fair price. 

“Over 50% of our suppliers are local to us and most of them are located within 40 miles. Sourcing stock from local suppliers means our supply chain is very resilient and we can easily source more products should we run out or the demand increases. 

“The pandemic hit local businesses really hard and many are still recovering. But with the support of residents, we can help to repair local supply chains and boost economies within the Meon Valley.” 

We first partnered with family run business Meon Valley Milk in 2020. It supplies our customers with pasteurised and fresh milk through a self-service vending machine. 

Amy Humphrey from Meon Valley Milk said: “We are very grateful to Westlands for supporting Meon Valley Milk. It’s nearly three years since we installed our vending machine in the farm shop and in that time we have delivered thousands of litres of pasteurised milk direct from the farm to the shop. 

“It’s important to us to reduce supply chains and reach the customer directly. Westlands is a hub of the community and we are very grateful to all our regular customers.

“If you’re lucky you will see Stewart deliver the milk in the morning where he often chats to the customers about the cows and all that is involved. Having an outlet as wonderful as Westlands is the cornerstone of our business.”

For more information about supporting our local suppliers, please get in touch here.