We are urging families to place their Christmas meat orders in good time ahead of the Yuletide festivities, amid the current nationwide bird flu outbreak. 

Alongside turkey farmers and food retailers we had feared there might be a shortage of turkey supplies due to the outbreak of bird flu across the UK. 

But we are reassuring customers that by placing their turkey order early, we are confident we can secure the centrepiece of Christmas dinners.

Due to the current bird flu outbreak, farmers across the UK have had to cull many of their flock, meaning there could be a much higher demand on local turkey supplies. 

The country’s largest ever bird flu outbreak has brought in new restrictions which means all live flocks must now be housed inside to protect them from avian influenza (bird flu). 

General Manager Harry said we source turkeys from a local farm on Portsdown Hill for our customers and he is confident we will be able to supply turkey orders to all of our customers, as long as they place their order early. 

Harry added: “The nationwide outbreak is certainly putting pressure on turkey suppliers and the demand is rising. We’ve seen brisk trade from people placing their Christmas meat orders in good time ahead of Christmas and have already sold over half of our festive birds.

“As long as people place their order as early as they can, we will be able to supply Christmas turkey orders to all of our customers.  

“As December approaches we will certainly see a flurry of activity as people start to finalise their Christmas day plans among their families. Because of the uncertainty on supply this year, it is more important than ever to place orders as early as you can. 

“However, if your Christmas orders change at the last minute, we will also have turkeys and Christmas meat available to order up until the last few days before Christmas day. We will always be able to source something for everyone.” 

We have a wide range of Christmas meat including turkey, lamb, duck, ham, pork and more. You can place an order online using our form which can be found here.

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