A farm shop in the heart of the Meon Valley has cut at least 720 plastic bottles and reduced its carrier bag use by 39 percent in its bid to reduce the use of plastic in its products.

This month is Plastic Free July and, while Westlands Farm Shop has not yet been able to cut out all plastics from its products, it is taking significant steps to reduce its use.

The farm shop near Wickham relaunched after a £60,000 refurbishment last year and has since dedicated itself to cutting back on plastic to improve its environmental credentials.

As part of the refurbishment, Westlands Farm Shop teamed up with ‘FILL’ which offers a variety of biodegradable and environmentally responsible cleaning products such as washing up liquid, laundry detergent, and even body and hair wash.

With sustainability at the forefront of its ethos, the farm shop has also reduced plastic bag use by 39 percent since 2019 by offering customers recycled cardboard boxes instead of using a plastic bag, and gravity food dispensers for people who bring their own food containers.

Owner Kayleigh Collett said: “Sustainability and reducing our plastic waste is a really important part of our ethos. Our cleaning range has been a great success since the relaunch and we have a very wide range of products now including body and hair wash as an extension to the cleaning range.

“Our gravity dispensers for dried goods such as rice and pasta have been just as successful and customers particularly like being able to take one of our free recycled cardboard boxes to help them carry their shopping out to the car. It’s certainly something we are going to continue.

“It is great to be able to measure the amount of plastic bottles our refill ranges have saved so we can see the difference it makes. We’re hoping to expand this range and will continue to reduce single use plastic in all the ways we can in the farm shop.”