We have relaunched after a £60,000 refurbishment to provide more choice while cutting back on plastics and packaging to improve our environmental credentials.

We have expanded into our former tea room to create space for a new delicatessen, self-serve refill stations and more room for fruit and veg from the farm.

Shoppers are encouraged to refill bottles from a fresh milk vending machine and can fill their own containers with a wide range of other dried foods and cereals from refill stations. We have also teamed up with family run company ‘Fill’ which supplies no-waste biodegradable and environmentally responsible cleaning products for people with their own containers. 

We will continue to sell our own hand-reared free-range beef and lamb, along with locally sourced free-range game, pork, seasonal meats, fresh bread, cheese, wine and gifts. Home-grown strawberries and raspberries produced on the farm nine months of the year will still be available too. 

Graham and Kayleigh Collett are the second generation owners of Westlands Farm and decided on the investment and transformation of the shop when lockdown came in and they were forced to close the tea room.

“We have been a bit cramped for space in the farm shop as the demand for more ethically-produced and locally-sourced products has continued during and after the Covid-19 lockdown,” said Kayleigh.

“We felt that we could make better use of the space where the tea room used to be by having a wider range of products that were more aligned with our own ethical and environmental priorities.

“We wanted to offer more but reduce the reliance on plastics and packaging. That’s why we have gone for the refill stations where people can buy as little or as much as they need and fill their own containers.

“We are especially pleased to be able to offer fresh Meon Valley Milk from a vending machine – people can refill their own bottles with milk that comes from cows a couple of miles away while cutting down further on the need to have plastic or more glass bottles.

“We have been at the heart of the Meon Valley for two generations now providing the produce of our farm and other local suppliers direct to the public and we are delighted that we are able to continue to do that in an even better and more comfortable environment for all shoppers.”